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Are you passionate about preserving and celebrating Filipino culture and heritage in British Columbia? Do you believe in the power of unity and empowerment within our community? If so, we invite you to become a part of Filipino BC, a vibrant society under the Societies Act of British Columbia!

🌏 Our Vision: Filipino BC envisions a future where the Filipino community in BC thrives, cherishing its rich culture and heritage, while empowering its members for generational resilience. We are committed to building a stronger, more interconnected community that celebrates our diversity and uniqueness.

πŸš€ Our Mission: At the heart of our mission lies the development of cultural and heritage programs and events that skillfully showcase the multifaceted tapestry of the Filipino community in British Columbia. We aim to create a platform for our culture to shine, fostering understanding, appreciation, and respect among all.

πŸ’ͺ Why Join Filipino BC?

  1. Preserve and Promote Culture: Join us in preserving and promoting the vibrant traditions, languages, and arts that make our Filipino heritage so unique and beautiful.
  2. Community Empowerment: Be a part of a supportive network that empowers you and your fellow community members, providing resources and opportunities for growth.
  3. Make a Lasting Impact: Contribute to the creation of initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the Filipino community in BC and beyond.
  4. Celebrate Diversity: Embrace the rich diversity within our community and help foster unity by highlighting our shared experiences and unique backgrounds.
  5. Networking and Friendships: Build lasting relationships, make friends, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Filipino culture.

🀝 Join Us Today: Embark on this exciting journey with Filipino BC, as we work together to create a brighter future for our community. Your membership will not only enrich your life but also play a vital role in shaping the legacy we leave for future generations.

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πŸ“§ Contact us at kumusta@filipinobc.comΒ for more details on how to become a member and be a part of this dynamic movement.

Let's unite, empower, and celebrate our Filipino heritage together! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Membership Policy Statement

Statement on Filipino BC Membership Policy:

Filipino BC, as a society under the Societies Act of British Columbia, hereby reserves the unequivocal right to review, assess, and, at its sole discretion, accept or deny any membership applications. It is important to note that our internal policy dictates that Ordinary Voting Membership may be reserved or conditionally granted to active community members, volunteers, and program participants who align with the values, mission, and goals of Filipino BC.

This discretionary authority ensures that we maintain a membership base that is dedicated to the core principles and objectives of our organization. While we welcome all individuals who express interest in joining Filipino BC, we retain the right to evaluate applications thoroughly to ensure that our community continues to thrive and grow with individuals who are committed to fostering generational resilience, preserving Filipino culture and heritage, and actively participating in the development of cultural and heritage programs and events.

We believe that this policy helps maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of our community, allowing us to achieve our vision of a vibrant and empowered Filipino community in British Columbia. Filipino BC remains committed to transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in its membership application review process while upholding its right to make informed decisions for the benefit of our community as a whole.

Statement on Organizational Membership and Community Representation:

Filipino BC is dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and vibrant Filipino community in British Columbia. Organizational membership with Filipino BC signifies a partnership between our organization and community entities, denoting a non-voting membership status. We deeply respect the diverse contributions of individual community members and organizations within our Filipino community.

To foster inclusivity and community engagement, we've established the Community Organizations Committee. This committee serves as a platform for community members to elect representatives or select someone to represent their organization, who will passionately advocate for their interests and priorities.

Each affiliated organization has the opportunity to participate actively in our democratic process by choosing their representatives for the Community Organizations Committee. These representatives will play a pivotal role in steering the direction and activities of Filipino BC.

As an organization firmly rooted in our community, we acknowledge the unique roles and responsibilities carried by community organizations. Filipino BC outlines the following process:

  • Committee Selection by Community Organizations: Organizations with organizational membership status have the authority to select or elect their representatives to the Community Organizations Committee.
  • Advocates for Organizational Interests: The selected or elected representatives, or those chosen by organizations, will be staunch advocates for the interests, priorities, and concerns of their respective community organizations within the committee.

Community organizations affiliated with Filipino BC will enjoy benefits, including:

  • Shared Media: Access to our media channels for promoting events, initiatives, and programs.
  • Program Collaboration: Opportunities to collaborate on cultural and heritage programs and events.
  • Resource Sharing: Access to resources and knowledge to support organizational growth and community development.
  • Advocacy Support: A collective voice and platform for advocacy on issues pertinent to the Filipino community in British Columbia.
  • Preferential Pricing: Access to preferential pricing for community events and initiatives.

Filipino BC highly values the contributions of community organizations, recognizing their unique perspectives and needs. By offering organizational membership as a non-voting option and allowing organizations to select or elect their representatives to the Community Organizations Committee, we aim to strengthen the sense of ownership and engagement within our community. This process ensures that community organizations have a direct influence in shaping the direction and activities of Filipino BC, reinforcing our collective efforts to preserve Filipino culture and heritage while empowering our community members. Together, we remain committed to a vibrant, united, and thriving Filipino community in British Columbia.