Sunset on Fraser Business Association

The heart of the Sunset neighbourhood and Vancouver’s Southern Gateway.

Sunset on Fraser welcomes you to Vancouver by providing an authentic experience of the incredible multicultural fabric that makes our city so unique. This is Vancouver’s most culturally diverse shopping district!

What makes Sunset on Fraser unique?

Our History

In 1929, the District of South Vancouver amalgamated with the City of Vancouver, thus incorporating South Hill as Sunset and part of our great city. We have been known as Sunset ever since. Long before this, Fraser Street was the route from the Fraser River to Gastown and therefore, was immediately the focal point of South Hill. Merchants opened shop along what we know as Fraser Street, homes were built alongside and immigrants that found jobs along the river began to fill the Fraser Street area. The first bridge was built at the foot of our street and Fraser was the primary shopping district for South Hill from Boundary to Marpole.

We are the most multicultural shopping district in the city

Sunset has an amazing balance of the major ethnicities that comprise Vancouver. English is the dominant language used in homes (at 50%) and is lower here than the Vancouver average. Cantonese is the second most used language in homes (at 15%) and Chinese is the most common ancestry (35%), followed by East Indian (16%) and Filipino (14%). The German history and heritage here is still very present and we have a wonderful mix of Vietnamese, Spanish, Mexican, and Middle Eastern ancestries.

You experience the world when you come to Sunset on Fraser

The Sunset on Fraser merchants bring flavours and authenticity from all over the world. We have restaurants, eateries, and cafes with foods representing cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Western, Korean, Singaporean, Thai, Middle Eastern, and others. We also have services in healthcare, banking, community, and retail in English and various other languages.

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